Tuesday, June 08, 2010


What is a friend? I think a lot of people forget, or maybe never even know just what a friend is. To me, a friend is someone that you don't need to lie to, in order to develop a bond with. After all, a relationship built on lies is like a house built on sand. It may appear sturdy in the short term, but the first rain, wind storm, or earthquake, and the foundation shifts right out from under it, leaving the entire structure in danger of collapse. I don't believe that you need to change who you are just to please your friends, either. It shouldn't matter how much, or how little each person has physically, only what they bring to the table emotionally.

I think a true friend is someone who cares about how you feel, and who wants you to share that with them. They're someone who will listen to your plans in life, and help you achieve them. They won't selfishly ask you to listen to their issues only, but give and take, in an ebb and flow. A real friend is someone you share everything with and not hold back because you feel they are hurt because of something you have while they don't. Friendship is earned, and not taken. A friend is someone you can trust to be there for you, and in return, you're there for them as much as you can be. Even if it is just to listen to them talk because things are bothering them, or they are excited and just want to tell someone something thats important to them. An acquaintance will hear what you say. A friend will listen to what you say. A best friend will listen to what you don't say.